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We keep a number of Standard Precast Items in inventory. Such as the following:

P/C Parking Curbs ( 7 ft Length)
P/C Road Barriers ( 10 ft. x 34" High)
P/C Mini Road Barriers (10 ft. x 18" High)
P/C Electrical Vault Bases (Single Phase, 3 Phase, Switching etc.)
P/C Picnic Tables (Standard 8 ft long, Round etc.)
P/C Bench & Bench Ends
P/C Planters (various shapes & sizes)
P/C Tree Grates
P/C Tree Wells
P/C Splashpads (18" wide x various lengths)
P/C Garbage Containers (Round & Square)
P/C Ash Trays
P/C Light Standard Bases
P/C Water Cistern ( 2750 Gallon)
P/C Irrigation Structure (Turnout, Diversion Boxes, Drop etc.)
P/C Box Culverts
P/C Signage
Please E-mail, Call or Fax for Pricing & Sizing Options.